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Mobility Services


We offer vehicle modification assessment prior to agreeing to do modifications. This report provides specific details concerning the exact disability-related changes that are necessary. If the client has already purchased a vehicle, we will determine whether the existing vehicle can be modified based on the needs.

If the vehicle to be modified is not owned by the person requesting the changes, a written documentation that the owner of the vehicle agrees to the modification should be submitted.
Vehicles to be modified will first be inspected and serviced at owner’s cost.

The individual who will be driving a newly modified vehicle for the first time has to show proof of appropriate driver’s training before our assessment of the vehicle is done.
Upon completion of the vehicle modifications, a performance assessment will be done with the individual present to verify that all adaptive equipment and modifications to the vehicle meet their functional needs and are consistent with his or her abilities.

Our facility is fully equipped and we have on staff technicians certified by various manufacturers to do installations and servicing. Contact customer service for more details via 1-(866) 940-2030 or send us your request by faxing to (305) 940-0050 or e-mailing: