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Piper’s Mobility division supplies, installs and services most mobility equipment and assistive devices. We supply a wide range of mobility products including various wheelchair types by several manufacturers. We specialize in customizing our wheelchairs for our clients to provide the best function and comfort available. Our wide selection of wheelchairs include manual, powered, rigid, folding, youth and sports. We understand the importance of our clients to maintain maximum independence therefore allowing them to achieve the best quality of life available to them. Through our mobility division we are able to facilitate this need. We also perform adaptive motor vehicle modifications. Adaptive vehicle modifications enable an individual with a disability to operate or to be transported in a motor vehicle, which is generally not available in a non-modified vehicle. 

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When is a Vehicle Modified?

Modifying a motor vehicle is done when an individual who is physically challenged wishes to increase, maintain and improve his functional capacity to drive or to be a passenger. Motor vehicles are customized based on the individual needs of each client.

This includes adaptation and/or changes to the structure, internal design, and the vehicle’s existing equipment.

Modifications to the primary controls in a motor vehicle may include: hand controls, steering assist devices, steering column and shaft extensions, low or zero effort steering, foot steering, braking system modifications, left foot accelerator pedals, pedal extensions, powered primary controls.

Modifications to the secondary controls, if required, may also be done to the client’s existing vehicle and could include: secondary control panels and systems; activation devices for transmission, turn signals, hazard warning signals, windshield wiper/washer, ignition and engine start, lights, seat adjustment, power windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls, door locks, parking brake, horn, cruise control, mirrors, rear accessories; access devices, automatic wheelchair lifts, semi-automatic wheelchair lifts, exterior access device controls, automatic door openers, ramps, personal lifting devices, steps, assist handles, mobility aid handling devices, racks, and hoists.

In order to provide occupant protection, modifications are done to seats as well as passenger restraints and equipment tiedowns installed as required.

Structural modification is very important to the whole process and may include the following: flooring, lowered floors, minivan structural conversions, fuel tanks, lowering floor pans, raised roofs, and modified doors.