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Piperís Accessibility division is associated with our sister company, Piper Construction, which is a State of Florida Licensed General Contractor with a specialty in accessibility.   Our diversely experienced and manufacturer trained and certified technicians do adaptive modifications for commercial and residential properties in compliance with A.D.A. Standards.  Our services expand widely to include swimming pools, ramps, boats, yachts, RV/Motor homes, and elevator lifts.  We also provide A.D.A. Compliance Surveys for your home and business.       
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Adaptive Residential and Commercial Modifications

Standard residential and commercial properties are not built with consideration for the needs of those who are disabled and this usually proves to be a difficult situation.  We do understand these difficulties as our President experienced this  firsthand.  As a result we want you to allow us the opportunity to make your life much more comfortable and functional.  We offer accessible modifications throughout Florida.   We do adaptive modifications to your existing property based on each individualís requirements and physical limitations, which may differ.  We can remodel and modify your home or office to accommodate your needs, physical capabilities and life conditions.